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Community Involvement

  • Prior to taking the Bench, provided pro bono legal services to senior citizens, undocumented workers, neighbors, and artists.

  • Active member of her local civic club and neighborhood associations.

  • Performed marriages on a volunteer basis for the Houston Heritage Society.

  • Volunteer for The ARC of Greater Houston, which supports those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Active in the Art Community

    • Received Art League Houston’s Award for Presidential Excellence.

    • Served two elected terms as the Board President for the Art League Houston, Houston's oldest nonprofit art organization.

    • Volunteered for Avenue CDC (Community Development Corporation) art benefits to help finance the building of affordable homes and strengthening communities.

    • Volunteer Jurist for Fort Bend County’s Art Museum TX.

  • Hosted charity fundraisers for cancer treatment, environmental causes, and other special community needs.

  • Contributes to causes such as the JDRA- Juvenile Diabetes Research Association, SPCA, and Friends for Life, a Houston animal shelter.

  • Renovated and preserved a historic church property.

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